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Wrinkle in Father Time's Plan

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Wrinkle in Father Time's Plan

Signs of aging can be slowed with modern intervention

Sure, she wants to age naturally. But there's nothing wrong with getting a little help along the way.

Naturally, of course.

That's why Caroline Niznik visits Zoe Anti-Aging Skin Spa And Boutique on St. Paul Street.

At 48, the keyboard and organ teacher from St. Catharines goes once a month for an anti-aging facial.

She likes the natural ingredients int eh mask. The healing nature of Rhasssoul clay. The silk protein powder that reduces fine lines. Ascorbic acid to tighten the skin. And the allotoin powder to speed up healing and stimulate cell reproduction.

She likes that she's doing something to keep wrinkles at bay.

Sometimes she'll sit in the steam shower room and breathe in essential oils like eucalyptus.

A few years back, she tried Botox somewhere else. She didn't like it. Sure, it worked. Gave her a nice, smooth forehead. But it was expensive and she didn't like the needles or the thought of something being injected into her face.

"And as nice as it made me look, it didn't last." Maybe three months. Tops.

"I like to go natural when I can," she says. It's the same reason she buys organic food, exercises, sees a chiropractor, meditates and takes yoga classes.

"I care for my body naturally on the outside and on the inside."

It's all about balance.

So, these days, her outside is looked after, in part, by spa owner Freida Polihronis.

Freda's collection of homemade moisturizers and skin0care products contain natural ingredients. 9Her anti-agin moisturizer features oils such as apricot, avocado and grapeseed, vitamins E and C, essential oils and chamomile). And her treatments – LED photo rejuvenation, oxygen, stea, and facials to name only a few – all work to slow down the clock, she says.

In the flight against aging (she's 46), she uses four words. Cell reproduction. Detoxify. Exfoliate. and moisturize.

"Nobody wants to get old. Nobody wants to look old," says Freica.

"When you look old, you feel old."

- by Cheryl Clock, Osprey News Network

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  • Freida is one of the best people I've ever met!!! She has provided some of the best service I have ever received!
    - Jamie

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