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Created and produced by Freida herself, every all natural Freida product from Zoe Spa is infused with a heavenly aroma and is free from harmful chemicals and preservatives.

Freida writes about the creation and concept behind her Freida brand of all-natural personal products.

Freida All Natural Products from Zoe Anti-Aging Skin Spa

"I spent countless hours examining the purpose and function of many essential oils. It was then that I took it to the next level of experimenting with the oils, and that eventually led to the development of many of my heavenly-scented, natural products

I researched the benefits of certain oils and I liked what they did. The end-result of blending them together is an aroma that is out of this world!

Through trial and error, and a great deal of research, I discovered that blending was not a simple task. Certain oils are compatible while others are not. In one early mixture - much to my surprise - all of the oils I combined were compatible; and that's what got the ball rolling.

I soon enlisted the help of my two young daughters as the official testers. I plastered mounds of lotion, oils and Dead Sea Salt body polish on the two youngsters in order to be sure I could accommodate the needs of women with sensitive skin. Yet again, another winner! The girls' skin was soft, smooth and radiant with no reaction whatsoever"

We stand fully behind our Freida products. You deserve to give them a try... you'll be amazed at the results!

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  • Freida and all the girls at the Zoe Spa are so amazing! I love that all the products are completely natural. My skin was so soft after the mud wrap and body butter! I will never get sugared anywhere else again!
    - Shannon

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