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Origin Story

All Natural Zoe Skin Spa was formed from the owner-operator, Freida Polihronis' passion to help others look good and feel great! All while being able to maximize her time, raising her two daughters, Christina and Yianna!


Three decades ago, Freida operated a day spa in her home by appointment only, where she prides herself on her personalized products and skin treatments designed with her clients at heart. 


Over this time Zoe's Spa has evolved into All Natural Zoe Skin Spa with the finest most effective anti-aging and restorative all natural skin products that exist on the market today.  


Her quarter of a century reputation with the likes of celebrities at The Oscars, Dragons Den & Skin Inc, says it all.  

Staying current through continued training, education, seminars and esthetic conferences is what drives Freida. She is constantly bringing in new technology to offer the most current and sought after services for her clients.


Always aiming to please, Freida has brought 30+ years of satisfaction and sustainable results to her customers in the Heart of Niagara and all over the world. 



"Come in and come alive,

Leave and thrive!"


Freida wants you to come in and leave the stress of the real world behind, the minute you walk in the door. And once you leave her spa; she wants you to feel that permanent glimmer, about the skin you're in! 


"To create a new language of esthetics."

Freida has created her own language of esthetics at Zoe Spa, by listening to her clients and developing products and services to accommodate their individual needs.

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